About Us

Our pizza is different. Chef Remo Tortola has fused rich, traditional cooking methods with more modern recipes for a unique dining experience. He has been making pizzas since he was just a child, back in the small village of Modena, Italy.

The full-circle journey of Oven 360

Remo was just six years old when he first discovered the wood-burning pizza ovens in his family’s restaurant. Fascinated by the fire, the smells and the masterful skill used to sling the pies in and out of the oven, Remo could hardly be kept at bay. That’s why the burly chef would toss him tiny balls of dough to play with in order to keep him distracted.


Remo’s obsession continued as he learned from the best pizza makers in Italy and started his own pizza restaurant. He eventually imported his inventive style to North America and solicited the help of childhood friend Lucio Franceschelli in order to start a new pizza venture in the basement of the Caboto Club, a long-standing pillar of the Italian community in Windsor, Ontario.

People quickly took to the family atmosphere. Groups gathered around the red and white checkered tablecloths. Children often hovered around the kitchen, eagerly waiting for Remo to smile and toss them a ball of dough they could stretch, pull and shape in as many inventive ways as they could imagine.

Remo and Lucio eventually created the Oven 360 franchise, delivering on their long-standing dream of opening their own restaurant—one that families in every community could experience. Oven 360 has quickly become a family favourite throughout southwestern Ontario because of the unique pizza experience.

So much more to choose

Choose one of our favorite specialty pizzas or design your own. With more than 50 delicious cheeses, toppings and spices to choose from, you can craft unlimited pizza combinations. You can also choose one of our delicious paninis made with fresh ingredients in house.

You can also dive into one of our gourmet salads or treat yourself to some of our delicious desserts, including the Italian gelato made from the most authentic ingredients.

Our Unique Style

We’re Innovative

We import select products and the latest recipes from Italy for our fusion of traditional and modern pizzas.

We’re Fun

You’re part of the process. Watch our chefs toss your dough, while topping your pizza with fresh toppings.

We’re Fast

With our state-of the-art ovens, your favourite pizzas are cooked and packaged in under three minutes.